9mobile Night Plans Subscription Activation Codes And Prices For 2018

9mobile Night Plans Subscription Activation Codes And Prices For 2018

Are you one of those that have been searching the internet looking for a way to activate 9mobile night plans? Are you looking for the best night plan that will enable you to enjoy uninterrupted speed with sufficient data? If yes, kindly read through this great great article to know the activation code of 9mobile night plan.

Many people don’t really know 9mobile have night plans, probably because they offer more expensive plans. However, you should know that 9mobile night plans doesn’t zap like that of MTN. Though, 9mobile night plan is more expensive than that of Mtn and Airtel but trust me you will really enjoy it.

There have been positive comments about the 9mobile night plans and I think you should also try it out and surf uninterruptedly on the internet at night.

How Can I Subscribe To 9mobile Night Plans

9mobile offers two night plans: the plan of N50 for 250MB and the other plan of 1GB for N200 .
The night data plans are usable only during the night from 12:00am to 5:00am in the morning.

The most interesting parts are: You don’t have to be seek eligibility and it works wonderfully on all devices that can connect to the internet; be it Laptop, WiFi, Phones, PSP consoles and so on.

Now, to activate the plans, kindly dial *229*10*10# to subscribe for the N50 for 250MB 9mobile night plan that valid for just a night(12am -5am).
And the second data plan of 1GB for N200, requires you to dial *229*3*11# for quick activation that valid for just 1 day as well.

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