Airtel SmartRecharge Bonus And Its Benefits

Airtel smartRecharge Bonus is a promo that gives Airtel subscribers ten times (10X) bonus upon Airtime recharge. For example, a recharge of N100 gives N500 for calls and N500 for data making it N1000. The bonuses can be used to call any network and browse the internet.

AdvertisementWith this Promo, Airtel can boldly raise its shoulders above some competitors in the network business that frequently increases price of data.

Okay just imagine other instances…

Other benefits of Airtel SmartRecharge, N200 recharge will give you N1000 for calls and another N1000 for data, with N500 recharge, you’ll get N2000 for calls, N3000 for data plus extra N3000 for data, while N1000 recharge will give you N2500 for calls, N7500 for data and another N7500 for data.

Who Is Eligible For Airtel SmartRecharge Bonus?

The Airtel smartRecharge offer is open for both new and existing subscribers on the Airtel network.

How To Activate Airtel SmartRecharge Bonus

To activate SmartRecharge dial *220*RechargePin# to enjoy the bonus on your airtel SIM.

Meanwhile, if you’ve not used your Airtel line for 30days or more, you should check out Airtel 20X recharge bonus, where N100 recharge will give you #500 for calls and #1500 for data.

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