Chrome OS to get better Bluetooth support and Android app shortcuts

Chrome OS team looks to be working on app shortcuts within the right-click context menus which is a sign of better integration as more and more touch-oriented devices arrive. It is also working on better Bluetooth support.

App shortcuts are nothing new to Android, they are available for quite some time now. App shortcuts enable you to jump right into specific actions or functions within an app from launch. Chrome OS currently doesn’t support app shortcuts because of the way the apps have been segregated into their own container, however, it now looks like the support might be coming very soon.

We have started seeing 10-inch Chromebooks with touchscreen functionality, they might also be the death knell for Android tablets. Though Google doesn’t officially talk about it in the public, developments like these display its aim to further integrate the Android experience into Chrome OS. In another note, Chrome OS might also be receiving a much-needed Bluetooth functionality rehaul.

Chrome OS has always had the Bluetooth bug with the pairing, connecting, and audio playback and all that might be changing soon. You can track the progress of the development by enabling the ‘#newblue’ flag in chrome://flags, which is currently available in the Developer Channel. The new Bluetooth daemon is at present is just one step in a multi-phase Bluetooth transformation for Chrome OS, so it might be a while until we this feature rolling out.

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