Google VR180 Creator desktop application for Mac and Linux released

Google VR180

VR180 camera lets you record and creates three-dimensional, immersive photos and videos and now to make it even easier for you to create and edit high-quality VR videos, Google is launching VR180 Creator on Mac and Linux. This application lets you edit VR180 footage with existing VR video tools.  

The application currently offers two features for VR videos; “Convert for Publishing” this feature takes the raw fisheye footage from VR180 cameras and converts it into a standardized equirect projection. This can also be edited with another video editing softwares that most of the creators already use. Next feature is the “Prepare for Publishing;” this feature re-injects the VR180 metadata after editing so that the footage is viewable on YouTube or Google Photos in 2D or VR.

The Google’s VR180 app is only available for Mac and Linux at the time of release, Google didn’t mention anything about Windows release just yet. This application surely simplifies the editing process of the VR180 recordings. It is free to use application and can download from here.

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