How to Edit Gotv, DSTV, TSTV and Startimes Decoders Account Details

Nigerians considered buying secondhand or fairly used products of which Decoders are not left out. A secondhand decoder is as good as a new one unless the last owner has issues already with it. So as not to get stuck using the previous owner’s name for a lifetime, this is why I will be teaching you How to edit GOtv, DSTV, TSTV and Startimes Decoders Account Details


How to edit Gotv, DSTV and Startimes Decoders Account Details

For TSTV, DSTV, and Startimes

Let the previous owner accompany you to the set-top box vendor offices with their ID and the purchase receipt.

You will be allowed to obtain and fill your change of ownership form at the decoder offices.

Get yourself a letter of consent or the sale agreement in writing from the previous owner.

Remember to carry song your copy of national ID and a copy of the previous owner’s ID.

For GoTV

Updating your personal information for your GOTV account is very easy.

Visit the GOTV Easy Self Service portal and click Sign in.

Supply the previous surname or phone number associated with the GOTV account and the decoder’s IUC number located under the decoder and then, click Sign in.

Immediately you are logged, click Activate and supply your new details.

To save your time, dial *288*1# on your mobile phone to update your GOTV details.

That’s how you can edit or change the account details of any decoder.

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