How To Get Rid Of Annoying Ads On Apps Using Lucky Patcher Apk

Lucky patcher apk is an app specifically created for rooted android smartphone developed by Chelpus and his team with a great outstanding feature in it.

Well this app is pretty popular within the android playstore community and globally due to the fact it may hack (or crack) programs and video games so we are able to hack free of charge in-app purchase, put off advertising, cast off the app’s license verification, and some other superb feature. It is a one-stop-hack app solution. Beside splendid advantages in it, lucky patcher additionally have some terrible dangers like bootloop, device volatile, and so on, so backup is recommended. Butday

This is three fundamental characteristic that made lucky patcher app becoming very popular today:
– In-app buy hack (we will get item, purchase stuffs, in app or game totally free, wow!)
– Remove stressful ads in apps
– Get rid of google license verification from an app.

The following requirement is needed to running lucky patcher app:
– rooted android telephone
– android version 2.Zero or up
– little know-how about android cellphone
– backup, and
– brain to understand

How to activate hack free in app purchase in apps or games using Lucky Patcher

Open Lucky patcher.
Tap “Switches”.
Tick “Google billing emulation”, just make sure the switch become green.

How to block ads on all apps and games using Lucky Patcher

Open Lucky Patcher.
Tap “Toolbox” -> “block ads” -> “block ads on device”
If you experience some errors on Play Store, Play Game, etc, Go to “Toolbox” -> “block ads” -> “clear the local host file”

How to activate License Verification hack in Lucky Patcher

Open Lucky Patcher
Tap on “Switches”
Tick “Google license verification emulation

After the targetted hack toggles have been activated, now the second steps is we must apply the Lucky Patcher patch on app that you want to hack on it:
Open Lucky Patcher and search and choose the app / game -> “Open menu of patches”.
Choose what you want to be hacked on it, is it the in-app purchase, license verification, etc. There are also some patching method to choose, for this one you need some experiment or ask someone expert who had patch that apps / game.
There are also some optional options when patching like backup apk file just in case, apply patch to dalvik cache (this help so the patchs could survive better), etc.
Apply the patch!
Now open the app for test it :). Remember, different app may will need different patching method, so if you must experiment yourself or ask someone expert to choose the patch method.

If you have Xposed Installed, it can even easier to apply Lucky Patcher to every app. Just activate the Lucky Patcher patch plus in Xposed module, and go to Lucky Patcher, open the top bar menu -> “Xposed setting” -> Choose what patch you want to apply, and it does not need manual patch on every app anymore.

Lucky patcher download link is Available Here

All credits to:
– Chelpus and Developers of lucky patcher android application

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