Win Huge Data Weekly Via 9Mobile Quality Data Challenge

The Quality Data Challenge from 9mobile is here. It’s a chance to win loads of 9mobile data WEEKLY and what you have to do is pretty simple –9Mobile data promo

Select any 3 of the questions listed Below

• How would you live without data for 24hours

• If your plane is about to crash and you could post only one thing, what would it be

• What do you use data for the most

• When you see ‘free Data’ what is the first thing that comes to mind

• How much data do you think would be enough for you in a month

• What is the first thing you do when you pick up your phone in the morning

• If you could only have one social media platform, which one would it be

• A laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet

• Nigerian jollof served with dodo & chicken or free 2gb data

• Watch TV for 24hrs or unlimited browsing for 5hours

• Create your own video answering the 3 questions

• Upload your video to YouTube with the title – Quality Data Challenge #MOREBLAZEDATA

Remember, you have to be subscribed to the 9mobile NG YouTube channel.
Happy creating, with #MoreBlazeData
#9mobileng #tagvideo #videochallenge #datachallenge

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